Crockpot Potluck – meaning, recipes and ideas

Potluck Crockpot Meaning

First, a word of terminology is in order. While the word ‘Crockpot’ might only be one letter away from ‘Crackpot’, that is as close as the two concepts come to each other! Of course, while Froodini welcomes people from all walks of sanity, our working assumption is that most of our readers are on the more mentally stable end of the scale!

But what exactly is a Crockpot Potluck? Almost the same as a slow cooker (some claim that it is in fact the original slow cooker), a crockpot is most well known for making stews. And for taking a lot of time to do so! But don’t let that worry you, because the results are well worth waiting for. So how long can it take? Well, it can vary anywhere between 2 and 12 hours, depending on your recipes. (For our ideas on recipes, skip down to the next section.) This leads us to the question of how long one should cook one’s meal for, when using a crockpot. The answer to this is not precise, but it is roughly the following: take the expected cooking duration when not using a crockpot, and multiply this by a factor of 4. Of course, Froodini always recommends checking first (and possibly in the middle too!). In general though, this is the idea.

So what else needs to be done in order that your crockpot potluck won’t disappoint the other guests? Aside from the little things you learn when you use a crockpot frequently, this is the biggest tip Froodini can recommend: make sure to remove a good amount of the liquids first! Crockpots are sealed, and as such, liquids which would usually be able to escape find themselves in a position where they cannot. Sadly, if you do not do some ‘draining’ first, this can result in some rather soggy food. And let us put it this way – from personal experience, this can be really disappointing after having waited so long!

Potluck Crockpot Recipes and Ideas

There are hundred of fantastic recipes for your potluck crockpot dish, but following an exhaustive process, we have narrowed these down to our top four. One of the best food types which crockpots can be used for is soups, so to start of with, we have…

1. Beef and Vegetable Soup

While there are many different recipes for this old favourite, we think that a good old bag of mixed vegetables, garlic, and assorted herbs are key (along with the beef of course!). Put these all in your crockpot, keep the heat low, and don’t stray too far! Making sure that somebody is around is always a good precaution. Then simply serve and let all the other guests marvel at your creation.

2. Mushroom Stroganov

As you can see, consistency isn’t always Froodini’s forte! Having said that stews are the best, we are now recommending a stroganoff. Thankfully though, in common usage at least, stroganoffs are usually interchangeable with stews. And what a stew this is! A mushroom stroganoff can be enhanced by adding beef or chicken, but is also more than capable of holding its own. A fantastic recipe that’s sure to make everyone happy at your crockpot potluck.

3. Apple and Rhubarb Pi

Who knew that a crockpot could also be used for pie-making purposes? Well, innovative as we like to think we are, we admit that we did not come up with the idea. But thanks to ideas being free property, we can wholeheartedly share and recommend it to you! This delightful use of a crockpot will not only surprise the other guests, but is sure to make you win the prize for the best dish. Moreover, after it has been consumed, you can sit back, happy with how well your idea has been received.

4. Chili Con Carne

Did you really think that we wouldn’t have included a chili recipe in our list of favourite potluck meals? Of course not! And what a dish with which to end our list. Chili con carne, not being so very spicy, is perfect for everyone to enjoy, but remember to have those jugs of water at the ready too! After all, there is always that one person who seems forever unable to handle their spices.

Creating Potluck Crockpot Main Dishes – when you’re the host

When hosting a crockpot potluck, one of the key things to remember is not only to include mains dishes! This might seem counterintuitive, but as with all potluck events, you don’t want 10 stroganoffs! However delicious they are.To help avoid this, Froodini recommends, as per our list above, asking your guests to provide desserts as well. Because even if you have lots of varied mains dishes, this does not count as variation for different courses!

Making the perfect Crockpot Potluck Meals as the guest

The key thing to remember, as the guest, is to make sure in advance that the dish you are bringing is unique! Turning up to find that your lovely dish has some competition in the form of another identical dish is not what anybody wants. Therefore, remember to check first, so as not to be disappointed later!