Potluck Christmas – ideas, recepies and sign up sheets

Potluck Christmas Ideas

Christmas is one of those times when a potluck becomes almost necessary! Whether you choose to host family and friends, or whether you will travel to meet everyone elsewhere, food is necessary! When trying to ignore the cold winds outside, the desire for warm food inside is all the stronger. And with many mouths to feed, a Potluck Christmas not only keeps everyone’s palette satisfied, but also decimates the workload!

Because every family celebrates Christmas differently, we at Froodini are prepared for those little eccentricities which make your family, your family. Therefore, whether the big meal of the day is breakfast, brunch, lunch or supper, we’ve got something for everyone. So let’s get our teeth stuck into it! Here are our favourite Potluck Christmas suggestions.

1. Banana and coconut bread – Potluck Christmas Breakfast

This recipe is perfect for bringing along to a Potluck Christmas Breakfast. Individual enough that everyone will appreciate it, and still perfect for anyone who always has their prefered spread. This recipe is not too difficult to make, and if eaten when still warm, nobody else will be able to match it. A perfect contribution.

2.  Mince Pies – Potluck Christmas Brunch

There’s really only one option for Christmas brunches, and that’s mince pies! These tasty treats are perfect for accompanying conversation, whether that’s nice conversation, or classic family arguments! (We told you we had every situation covered!) One of the best advantages to mince pies, if your baking skills aren’t up to scratch, is that they can be bought in shops and will still taste excellent. And they also work for brunch and afternoon tea.

3. Fig Salad – Potluck Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch is usually the most confusing meal of the day. Eat too little and the afternoon drags on, but eat too much, and Christmas Dinner is ruined! Thankfully, Froodini is here to answer this yearly dilemma, with our suggestion for a fig salad! A simple base from which you can customise the salad to your liking – we at Froodini always favour adding in goats’ cheese and walnuts into the mixture, but really, the choice is yours!

4. Turkey – Potluck Christmas Dinner

Christmas is all about feeling good and seeing family, so for our Potluck Christmas Dinner, we suggest something slightly different. Unless your house somehow has 7 ovens, it doesn’t work for everybody to bring a turkey, not least because you might get some complaints about the costs! Instead, invite everyone to bring round their favourite stuffing, and a side dish. That way the turkey can be cooked to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Potluck Christmas Recipes for you to try out

Getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of what exactly to make for a Potluck Christmas meal is no easy feat, but to save you time (and no, this definitely isn’t cheating), we recommend you take a sneak peak at three of our favourite recipe ideas.

1. Roasted Vegetables with feta

This incredible dish is perfect for a Potluck Christmas. Not only can the size of the dish easily be altered by simply adding or removing vegetables, but you can also simply change the taste by adding your own assortment of herbs. Then choose whether you want to crumble the feta over the top or have it in a separate bowl on the side, and you’re ready to wow all the other guests.

2. Homemade Hot Chocolate

If you have been assigned the drinks on your Potluck Christmas invitation, then we are here to help! One of the best drinks you can make when Christmas rolls round is homemade hot chocolate. An easy recipe to follow, and what’s more, there is no preparation to do! Unless of course you want to bring your guests cold ‘hot’ chocolate, but Froodini advises against this…

3. Cupcakes and Coconut

It isn’t Christmas without snow, right? Even if you do not have snow outside, simulating it inside to create that Christmassy feel is always possible thanks to this recipe. Simply make your favourite cupcakes and sprinkle them with shredded coconut. This brings the wintriness indoors, minus the cold!

Potluck Christmas Sign Up Sheet and Invitation

Inviting over family and friends for Christmas really shouldn’t require an invitation, but every year we still send Christmas cards, so why not add in a Potluck Christmas invite? A note at the end of the postcard will make your message all the more personal. Of course, a sign up sheet is also necessary, especially to help avoid infinite mince pies and Christmas puddings! (However thinking about that… Is there such a thing as too many mince pies? We’re unsure.) Regardless, so long as no two people end up bringing the same thing, then everything will go smoothly.

Christmas Desserts inspirations for your Potluck

Here at Froodini, we can never resist coming back for seconds. And that’s just what dessert is! The perfect way to ask for more. The classic Potluck Christmas Dessert which we return to every year is, of course, a Christmas Pudding. Just remember to bake your own brandy butter to add that extra special touch. The other thing you must do of course is turn off the lights! Then, pouring some of the remaining brandy over the pudding, take a lighter to it and set the pudding alight. The darkness of those short, winter evenings will be made all the more cosy by the blue flame dancing for a few seconds atop the Christmas Pudding.

Giving your Potluck Christmas a Theme

As host, your choice for themes revolves around what kind of Christmas you want. If there are lots of children attending, then we definitely recommend lots of small presents (we appreciate budget constraints!) as well as planning outdoors activities. There is nothing children (and thus, adults) like less than children being cooped up all day. If though your Potluck Christmas will mainly involve older family and adults, then Froodini recommends creating a photographic theme for Christmas, with all your old family photos. After all, nothing says Christmas more than family.