Froodini - Where food magic happens together with friends.

Your app to organize food and beverages with friends for private events.

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Froodini - what are you bringing

Create your event in under a minute - like magic!

Food and drinks for events like grilling or picnicking have never been organized faster and easier. No “Who brings what?”-chaos, no registration, no app download. Done as if made by magic.

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How it works

1. Select an event type

Pick an event type like: bbq, picnic, brunch, team breakfast, kindergarten party, association event or any other. Each event type is prefilled by Froodini with countless food and beverages suggestions.

2. Add details and share a link with your friends

Personalize your invite with a few words and decide when and where the event should take place. Then share it with your friends.

3. All participants select what they want to bring

The participant will receive our event and only have to choose, what they want to bring. Afterwards everyone gets an overview on all items brought.

What kind of events can you plan?

You invited all your friends for having a BBQ or picnic? And everyone should bring something? But you don’t know how to plan this kind of events? No worries. Froodini is made for exactly such kind of events. Several topics are filled with countless food and beverage items waiting for participants to get picked. 

You like to meet up with friends in the garden or park, to which everyone should bring something? Create your next event with Froodini. Planning will be a lot easier for you!

You love to have breakfast with your colleagues in the morning? But you don’t feel like planning all the food and drinks? Simply select this type of event and share a link with them. Froodini already has many suggestions for food and drinks to bring along. Works just as well with your friends at home 🙂

Meet relaxed friends for a picnic in the park. But who brings what? Just create an event with Froodini. We have already compiled everything in a list with suggestions. Simply send a link of the event to your friends and everyone can decide from the suggestions what he brings. Of course, you can also enter your own ideas.

You are planning a party at the nursery? And every parent should bring something to the kindergarten party? Then use Froodini to organize food and drinks. Just test to create an event and if you like what you see, send the link to all other parents.

You’re having a party soon? Then plan it with the Froodini App this time. In party category your friends will find many suggestions like chips, cheese platter or Chili Con Carne. But also the drinks selection offers different delicacies. Just have a look into it.

In particular, you can also use Froodini for the following types of events:

  • Cake buffet
  • Silvester buffet
  • Party buffet
  • Association/Club events
  • and many other events.

We are constantly expanding the selection of event types. Perhaps there is already something new to choose from poped up today. Otherwise send us feedback with suggestions. We gladly receive any advice.

Faster planning gives you more time for yourself.

On Froodini you will find a large variety of ideas and suggestions around food and drinks for your events. Especially if you want everyone to bring something, we now offer you a great planning tool to organize such kind of events. Froodini has a variety of suggestions and tips to help friends, family and colleagues gather all the things they need to bring. Have fun while discovering the countless small and large things we have put everywhere into and around the app. Have great events and a very good time!

Your Froodini Team