Potluck Breakfast – ideas, recipes and no cooking options

Potluck Breakfast food ideas

So you’re either hosting or have been invited along to a Potluck Breakfast. Whichever is true, you certainly don’t want to ruin the rest of everyone’s days with a bad breakfast! The first thing therefore is to have the Potluck Breakfast at a reasonable time. 6am and nobody will come, and 11am and people will assume it is a Potluck Brunch. To make your Potluck Breakfast the best thing ever therefore, here are Froodini’s top DOs and DON’Ts for being a host, or a guest.

As a Guest

DO prepare! Unlike other potluck occasions, you can’t do this all on the same day. So make sure to prepare the night before, as nobody will be impressed when you just bring along Cornflakes…

DON’T bring along food which will be ruined on the journey. You might well make the most incredible Bircher Muesli, (see our recipe later for more) but nobody wants to be picking it off the side of its container..

As a Host

DO, as always, make sure you have the space and the implements to host everyone! This means lots of bowls, plates serving spoons and more. Also make sure you have space in your fridge for those dishes which need to be kept cold immediately!

DON’T worry about themes too much! Unlike with larger meals like dinner and supper, people usually eat less for breakfast. This means, as a host, that you don’t need to confine people to bringing specifically a starter, a dessert, etc. Enjoy the freedom!

Great recipes for a Potluck Breakfast

Opinions differ of course, but we believe a great Potluck Breakfast dish shouldn’t be too heavy. For this reason, we are giving you some of our favourite Potluck Breakfast recipes – ranging from easy Potluck Breakfast dishes, to more challenging ones.


Anglo-Indian Scrambled Eggs

For this, all you need to do is bring along eggs, cherry tomatoes, a few not-too-spicy peppers, and your favourite bread for toasting or frying. When the eggs are half scrambled, mix in chopped cherry tomatoes and the spices. Then mix it all together and serve – easy peasy.


Roasted Hazelnut and Pear Bircher Muesli

This twist to a breakfast classic improves it no end. Roasted hazelnuts work warm and cold, so whether you choose to roast them the night before or not does not matter. Then just make sure to chop the pears into small chunks and to wrap them well to keep them fresh. We recommend doing this on the day.


Mixed-berry Cheesecake

Wanting to add that New York flavour to your Potluck dish? Pull it off, and this is a guaranteed winner and will be sure to impress. And the berries on top will add that perfect finishing touch as well.

Potluck Breakfast dishes – no cooking involved!

For a Potluck Breakfast, it is completely understandable if you have been working late the night before and have little time to prepare. Equally, taking care of one’s family can also be far more time-consuming than you think. So in case you are caught unawares, here are Froodini’s top Potluck Breakfast ideas that you can knock up in minimal time.

Oat, Yoghurt, Honey and Berries

All you need for this are the four ingredients above. Put the oats in a bowl first, then a good amount of yoghurt, then garnish with berries and some runny honey. Ready in under five minutes and healthy as well!

Simple Banana Split

This after breakfast treat is so simple that you can buy all you need on the way to the breakfast. In fact, with icecream, this might even be recommended so it melts less! Chop the banana down the middle, then add the icecream and some syrup and and sprinkles to top it off.

Avocado and Egg Salad

To create a healthy and quick to make breakfast salad, look no further than this. Fry some eggs, slice an avocado, and mix together for greatness. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top and add a dash of salad leaves.