Potluck Brunch – ideas, what to buy and several egg dishes

Potluck Brunch

It’s time to celebrate with a well-planned brunch! Whether this is for work or it is the weekend and you are doing it at home, a Potluck Brunch is always an occasion to relax and have an excuse to have good conversations. Why else would somebody invent a meal between mealtimes?! For this reason, in comparison to, say, a Potluck Dinner (see our page on this), you do not need to bring along such a large quantity of food. Here, bite-size tasty snacks with great presentation are generally required, since nobody wants to be so full that they won’t enjoy lunch .So – let’s get down to business!

Easy Food Ideas for your Potluck Brunch

Blueberry and Yoghurt Scones

Blueberry and Yoghurt Scones make for the perfect Potluck Brunch treat. They are not only easy to make, but also super convenient as they can be served hot or cold. This means you can prepare them the night before or make them in the morning if you prefer. Add to them some clotted cream, and your beautifully browned morsels will be eaten in seconds.


The beauty of making pancakes is that your guests can then customise them to their liking. Whether you make thick pancakes or go for something more along the lines of crêpe, just bring some spreads as well! By bringing along some Nutella and jam, your guests will love to lather their pancakes as much as they want.

Buttery Flapjacks

Buttery flapjacks are great because you don’t need to worry about them getting messed up and spoiled when you’re transporting them! You can simply take the baking tray and divide them up when you arrive. The fewer the guests, the bigger the portions. A healthy and filling start which will give you energy for the whole day.

Ham and Mushroom Omelette

If you’re on a time and money budget, then an omelette is the perfect solution to your Potluck Brunch. Add to this our suggested fillings or ham and mushroom, and you will create a healthy and proteinous meal that is guaranteed to work perfectly with what other guests bring along. This sumptuous dish works perfectly alone, or on toast – the choice is yours.

Potluck Brunch Food Ideas for you to buy

Whether you are not prepared to make a dish, or simply wish to pretend you have made your very own Potluck Brunch creation, Froodini has you covered. Her are our top recommendations for pre-made dishes which you can bring along. Just remember to remove the wrapping and labels first!

Mince Pies

Who says mince pies can’t be eaten all year round? We certainly think they deserve to be eaten at any time. A batch of mince pies, warmed for the guests beforehand, is certain to please.

Chocolate Brownies

This tasty treat is so tasty that even those who believe that they shouldn’t be eating chocolate will find themselves reaching for this! Chocolate muffins are usually bought individually, so make sure to shop around for boxful, to get the best deal. Don’t your guests deserve the best deal?!

Potluck Brunch – egg dishes and recipes

We’ve already given you an omelette idea, so why not continue the eggy theme? Here are Froodini’s top  egg-based dishes.

1.  Lightly fried egg, rice, and vegetable mix

Resembling a stir fry, this is the perfect cooked morning dish for your Potluck Brunch. To make it, cook a healthy amount of rice until it is nearly done. At the same time, take some mini broccoli sprigs, baby corns,and tomatoes and, chopping them up small, fry them in a pan on a hot setting. When the vegetables and rice are both done, pour the rice into the stirfry pan and crack 2 – 3 eggs into the food. Then mix everything together for a minute or two, and serve and enjoy.

2. Eggs in Peppers

This mini meal looks so good, that that when people taste it they will already have been enjoying it from the moment they set eyes on it! To make this meal, take a selection of bell peppers and chop them in half horizontally and cut out their insides. Then cook them in a pre-warmed and pre-oiled pan with a lid for a few minutes. Following this, crack an egg into them, put them back inside the pan, and wait until the eggs are cooked to the degree you desire. Then serve!