Friendsgiving Potluck – ideas, lists and invitation wording

Friendsgiving Potluck

Go back in time 15 years, and you might receive a raised eyebrow in return for inviting somebody around for a friendsgiving. Now though, this portmanteau is a part of daily conversation, along with its very own traditions. So what is friendsgiving exactly? In reality, it is simply another excuse to eat, carefully sandwiched in (if you’ll excuse the pun) between those other holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Which is exactly the reason Froodini is in favour of it!

So what are those traditions which differentiate Friendsgiving from Thanksgiving? First of all, it is inherently a potluck. Unlike with other festivals, like those mentioned above, the host is not expected to do all the work. Instead they should, according to internet lore, provide the turkey and the gravy, and ‘potluck out’ all the other dishes. And by providing the turkey and gravy, we should be clear that we mean cook the turkey and make the gravy ‘ not simply dump them as responsibilities on guests on their arrival!

With this out of the way, the next steps for the host are to ensure that the guests, as ever, do not bring duplicate or inappropriate dishes. So many sure that there are desserts, stuffings, and sauces, in addition to lots of vegetables will usually suffice. The idea behind Friendsgiving is a collaborative Thanksgiving, and so making sure to prioritise communication, not just host to guests but also between the guests, is always important.

The best Potluck Ideas for your Friendsgiving

When thinking about Friendsgiving Potluck Ideas, the first place to start, as already stated, is turkey. However, as most of the food, collectively speaking, is provided by the guests, it is these on which we shall focus.

1. Potluck Roasted Vegetables

Taking place in one of the colder periods of the year traditionally, it’s important that the food served is of the ‘filling’ variety. Roasted vegetables satisfy this requirement perfectly, while also being extremely tasty! Lightly smear some butter over the top of the vegetables, add some of your favourite herbs, and roast until they are cooked as you wish.

2. Potluck Stuffings!

Similar to our recommendation for Potluck Christmas, assigning one or more of your guests to stuffings is a very wise move. Just make sure that if you are having a bigger party with multiple people bringing stuffings, that you don’t end up with 10 similar apple stuffings, however delicious they might be!

3. Potluck Desserts

We might be taking things to the extreme here, but at Froodini HQ, we believe that any meal can benefit from a dessert! And for no occasion can this be more true than for a Friendsgiving. Assigning one or two guests at a minimum is an absolute must. As always, just make sure that your guests coordinate between themselves, so that each one brings something unique.

Potluck Friendsgiving Lists – getting everything ready to go

Lists, lists lists. You can never have too many lists. Unless of course you are someone who hates lists, in which case you really can. However, they can certainly serve a purpose, especially when organising a Friendsgiving Potluck. A sign-up list, as well as lists of the dishes which you should bring as a guest, can be essential to make sure that everything runs super smoothly.

The perfect Invite Wording for your Potluck Friendsgiving

On the assumption that you know at least most of the people you are inviting, you don’t need to put too much emphasis on the invite wording. The most important thing is the invite itself! If you forget to invite people, then suddenly whole courses can disappear from the menu! So make sure to get that pen out, and start writing.